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Best Honda Memorial Day Civic Sales in 2017

So, I am looking to buy a brand new Honda during Memorial Day weekend. I know this is one of the best times to buy a car at rock bottom prices but I need to do much more research. Does anyone know the best places to buy a Honda on the coast of North Carolina? I have family that grew up in Jacksonville, but I will be willing to drive from Wilmington all the way to Morehead City or New Bern.

The best Honda Civic models in 2017 are the coupe and the hatchback. I don’t think the hatchback is the way I want to go because I am a younger business professional. There is the potential to buy a sedan but the coupe is what I am really looking for.

I have heard that Lejeune Honda has some amazing Memorial Day sales. Does anyone know if they are going to have a Civic deal in 2017? I would love to give my hometown some business. Also, is it possible that I can get a deal on a weekend in which it is not Memorial Day? It would be great to start the negotiations well before the weekend as I will be spending time with my friends and family. No one wants to spend an entire Saturday trying to figure out the cost of a vehicle.

I would encourage all comments below from those looking to buy a Honda Civic on Memorial Day weekend in 2017. This will help us all save a little bit of money and understand the times to buy a Honda Civic in which we can get a lower monthly payment and hopefully lower financing rates.

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