A certified pre-owned vehicle (or CPO) is an alternative to purchasing a brand-new car by choosing to look towards buying vehicles that have been used by another owner prior. Certified pre-owned cars differ from just used cars because they are required to maintain a certain set of standards. Depending on the customer, going to the CPO route is the best personal option for purchasing a car as it offers a lot of advantages and benefits.

One of the major assets when purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle is the money you get to keep in your pocket versus purchasing brand-new. Because the car has been used, it will be sold at a lower price than market value even if the interior and/or exterior of the car has been unchanged. There is also better access to low-rate financing and often offer warranty coverage to that of brand new cars. And, of course, spending less money on a necessity is always a great feeling.

Another perk of buying certified pre-owned is the shopping process as well. When purchasing a certified pre-owned car, you’ll have the security of knowing that it was inspected by a trained-mechanic to determine whether or not the car’s performance aligns with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Some guidelines may include: how “young” the car is, how many miles are on the car, and can the vehicle pass a multipoint inspection done by a trained, professional mechanic. The main difference between CPOs and used cars at dealerships is the standard that must maintain, and trusting your mechanic and the reports on the car’s performance goes a long way when taking into account the safety of the vehicle.

Because of the advantages CPOs provide, they’re growing in popularity. NC Certified pre-owned vehicles give customers options and open the window to an array of options for affordable and reliable vehicles. It maintains a certain standard for vehicle performance, and may offer a user the opportunity to purchase a car that looks, feels, and smells new regardless of the miles presented on the car. Presenting options is a major perk that certified pre-owned programs offer, which in the end, will always benefit the customer.