It is hard to believe that March 2017 is coming to a close. The Honda Dream Garage Sales event is coming to a close and those not interested in the $500 extra for a trade in are anxiously awaiting the next major event or rebate. Remember, like all Honda car and truck dealerships throughout the United States, Lejeune Honda will award the savings that is advertised by Honda. With this in mind, some are waiting an extra few weeks to see what is offered in April 2017.

Before making any final decision when buying a new or used Honda it is always a good idea to consider your options. Remember that car dealerships have a monthly quota they have to meet so many potential buyers will wait until after the 25th to try and negotiate the best deal. Also remember that quarterly numbers have to be met. Unfortunately, we really have no idea when a quarter is going to end. It is not as easy as saying that at the end of March 2017 it will be the conclusion of the quarter.

As soon as we find out more information from any of our resource we will publish the information here. Whether you live in Emerald Isle, Jacksonville or Wilmington, there will be opportunities to save money at Lejeune Honda in April 2017. If you know of the rebates, sales or deals that will be available next month, please feel free to comment below so we can start the conversation and help everyone save money.

You can always find Emerald Isle, NC Honda car specials at this link. Take the trip to Jacksonville and find some of the best sales and deals in the month of April 2017. If you have received your tax return and you have some extra money, this might be the time to consider buying a new or used car. Interest rates are very low, the new Honda Civic and Accord are absolutely gorgeous and there are a few ways in which you can save money.