In 2017, Honda dealerships throughout the state of North Carolina are doing their best to get you on their lots or into their showrooms. Whether you are looking to buy a Civic or Accord, there are going to be ways to save money over the Labor Day weekend. Note that not every dealership is going to have the same sales and deals so we suggest you shop around. The first place you should start is Lejeune Honda. They always have some of the lowest prices. We are not sure why, but they are the dealership that always sticks out when it comes to these major holiday sales and deals.

If you are looking to save on a new or used Honda there are plenty of places to do your research online. Sadly, you will likely find that your head starts spinning. The best thing you can do is actually pick up the phone and call a dealership to see what they are offering. If you don’t want the dealership to know your phone number you can always get a Google Voice number for one day and use it on your iPhone, Android or even through your laptop or tablet. This is a great way to make certain dealerships are not calling you back every single day.

Labor Day weekend is a great weekend to buy a car as this is one of the last major sales before the new model vehicles come in. Most dealerships know they will be getting the 2018 models in the near future and they are looking to blowout the 2017 models. This means you could save quite a bit of money on a vehicle that is basically brand new. If there is going to be a body change on a Honda vehicle for 2018 and you are in the market to get a vehicle now, you are going to be able to save quite a bit of cash.

Also note that most dealerships, Lejeune Honda included, are going to offer some very good financing offers if you are willing to lease. Even if you plan to purchase your vehicle, you should be able to get a low interest rate if your credit score is even decent. You do not have to have a perfect credit score to get a low interest rate on a new car purchase in September or October 2017. If you have any questions as it relates to buying a Honda Accord or Honda Civic on Labor Day weekend do not hesitate to comment below.