The answer is yes, but only at specific dealerships. You will need to scour your state to find out which Honda dealerships offer a first time car buyers discount program. You can do some quick Google searching or you can call up some of your local dealerships to see if they can knock off some money on the purchase or help with the financing. Financing is a huge part of the process for first time car buyers as most of them do not have the best credit or they haven’t built up credit.

Getting a 720 credit score or better can take years and possibly decades for some recent college grads; especially if they have taken out high interest rate credit cards. Allow Honda to help you with the financing through their first time car buyers discount program. You will find there are a number of great ways to save money. If you can get a low interest rate and you are just starting your first real job, it is a good decision to take this low financing now.

Many investment gurus state that you should take any financing under 5% you can get. The other extra money you earn can go towards your investments or paying off other high interest rate debts such as credit cards or high interest student loans.

What state are you in? Do you know of any first time car buyers programs at Honda? Comment below with your location and we can help you find the best deal in your area.