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What is in the Old Lejeune Lincoln Building on North Marine Boulevard?

Over the last several years, many people have driven down North Marine Boulevard of Highway 17 wondering what is in the old Lejeune Lincoln building. Years ago, Lejeune Lincoln went out of the building that was right beside Lejeune Honda. Now, it is actually the Lejeune Honda used car lot. Most people do not know this because there are no signs on the building as of March 2017.

Recently, Lejeune Honda has expanded their used car inventory and it will likely be the case that we start to see signage in Jacksonville, North Carolina in the near future. We have no idea when this is going to happen, but one would expect as they fill out their lot, they will put a sign that states that this lot is their used car lot.

It is very useful for Marines or other military personnel to look at some of the used car options that are available. Used cars in Jacksonville, NC are very popular because smart buyers do not want to lose money as soon as they drive a vehicle off the lot. In fact, many Honda Accord and Honda Civic buyers are looking for vehicles with over 100,000 miles as they know Hondas will last for several hundred thousand miles.

If you are looking for a used Honda vehicle that is going to cost less than $10,000 there are several options available on the old Lejeune Lincoln lot which is now the Lejeune Honda used car lot. If you have been thinking about trading in your old car or are simply looking to get another vehicle, a used car is not a bad option.

Also note that you can still finance a used car; you do not have to pay cash when you drive this car off the lot. Some would argue that the financing is a little bit higher than a new car but that will all depend on your credit score and the overall credit history of the borrower. There are many good credit score borrowers that can get a very low interest rate on a used car loan in March or April 2017.

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  1. Thank you for this! It’s been driving me crazy to know who took their stop as I always forget to look as I drive by.

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