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New Honda Accord on Craigslist Jacksonville, North Carolina

Finding a brand new, 2017 Honda Accord without leaving the comfort of your home is now easier than ever. If you are looking for a new Honda Accord there are a few options available. Lejeune Honda is always a great choice but if you want to try something different there is always The Onslow County Craigslist page has an assortment of new Honda Accords uploaded every single day.

Before deciding to use Craigslist to find your new Honda Accord, remember that the majority of postings on Craigslist are for vehicles that are not brand new. While there are a few newer Honda Accord the common Craigslist buyer is looking for used cars for sale by owner. That is not to say you can’t get an idea of a price by doing your research on Craigslist and other car listing websites.

Some may use AutoTrader or Cargurus but ultimately new cars are going to be sold at Honda dealerships. The most well known dealership on the coast of North Carolina is Lejeune Honda. This dealership goes above and beyond to not only offer you great service, but they will also give you an affordable price. If you are trying to get under $400 or $300 a month with your car payment, they can crunch the numbers and make certain it happens.

Another great feature when it comes to buying a new Honda Accord at a dealership like Lejeune Honda is the fact that you will have a warranty that allows you to bring you new vehicle into their certified technicians. If you buy a used Honda Accord on Craigslist you are not going to be able to bring the vehicle into a mechanic or dealership without paying a cost.

Use Craigslist in Jacksonville, North Carolina to do some research on purchasing a new or used Honda Accord but do not forget to head over to Lejeune Honda to make certain you are getting the best service and the lowest overall price for the new 2017 Honda Accord you are looking for.

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  1. I personally got my car from Craigslist and it has been okay… minor problems as is expected. However my sister just got one with only 10k less miles than mine from a dealer and has had a much better experience. She has had minor issues as well but the dealer warranty covered all of hers. Will be going through a dealer next time.

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