Honda Civics are a great and reliable vehicle and have been extremely popular among the masses through the years! Scoring 10 out of 10 on safety features by U.S. News, it’s not uncommon to find that this is a highly sought out car. With a vehicle so great, you’ll want to make sure it’s protected, insured, and will last a long time!

So what can you do to insure that your car will last in the long term?

You may want to ask your local car dealer about an extended warranty! An extended warranty is a vehicle service contract offered by the car dealer and extend the benefits of the new car warranty. It’s an addition to your insurance policy, if you will. Normally, warranties are included with your vehicle purchase and are provided by the manufacturer while, vehicle service contracts are a separate purchase. Although these extended warranties can be purchased at any point, it’s best to purchase the service contract early on to get the best coverage! These warranties typically pick up repair coverage after a set amount of years or the allowed mileage on the warranty and is designed to offset repair costs. For example, the warranty will begin to cover and offset repair costs 3 years after purchase or after you reach 36,000 miles.

Purchasing an extended warranty can give you some peace of mind in knowing that you’ll be covered in the long run with additional benefits after purchasing your car. You won’t have to worry about hashing out high amounts of your hard earned cash to repair your vehicle and you can sleep easily knowing that you’re protected. You can purchase your extended warranty through your local car dealership where your vehicle was purchased, so be sure to ask the dealer about their specials and offers to get you the best deal. Lejuene Honda Cars in Jacksonville, NC is a wonderful place to begin your search! They offer a vast selection of Honda Civics with different colors, features, and models. Be sure to stop by and shop around during their Memorial Day Sale and get some great deals on their specials!