Marines that are stationed at Cherry Point in Havelock, North Carolina have many opportunities when it comes to a military discount. Fortunately, there are a few options when it comes to buying a new or used car. If you are enlisted and are stationed at Cherry Point we would strongly suggest looking at new or used Honda cars at Lejeune Honda. Lejeune Honda is located very close to Camp Lejeune therefore they have a great deal of experience when it comes to assisting Marines that are looking for a military discount when they are buying a Honda vehicle.

Rather than paying the full price for a brand new 2017 or 2018 Honda Accord it is a wise decision to look at all options available. Fortunately, the salesmen at Lejeune Honda have worked with thousands of military members that are working on a tight budget. These salesmen know that you have a stable income and likely a pretty good credit score. This will allow them to assist you when it comes to getting into an affordable 2017 Honda Civic or Accord.

Making the short trip to Jacksonville, North Carolina would be a wise choice for any Marine that is stationed at Cherry Point. Saving hundreds of dollars on a monthly car payment could mean thousands of dollars saved over the next several years. It is also nice to know that a car dealership is looking out for military members rather than trying to take advantage of them.

If you just received your enlistment check and you are looking to purchase a Honda car, truck or SUV look no further than the team at Lejeune Honda. Also note that Lejeune Honda has a brand new used car lot that will allow you to save even more money when purchasing a vehicle.

Please feel free to comment below if you find any create Honda rebates or deals in 2017 or 2018.  We would love to help all military members save as much money as possible when it comes to buying a vehicle today.