Many Marines in the Jacksonville, NC area are looking for a military discount or some type of savings when buying a new or used car. Fortunately, Lejeune Honda has some great ways to save money when buying a new or used Honda in 2017 or 2018. Lejeune Honda has worked with thousands of Marines over the years. They have all been able to save money with a military discount or special financing.

Having a stable job that is guaranteed to pay you for the next several years is very important when it comes to getting the credit you need to lock in the lowest interest rate on a car loan. Being in the military allows finance companies to accept a loan application much easier than someone with no income and no job. This means you can get in a new or used Honda Accord, Civic or Odyssey much easier than those that are not in the military.

There are always monthly specials and deals that can assist you in the savings you desire. If you are seeking a car payment under $400 or under $300 there are ways to make it work. You may even consider leasing a new Honda model so you will have an even lower monthly car payment. A lease payment can easily be under $200 if you have enough money to put down.

If you are stationed at New River Marine Corps base or this is where you work, there are military discount opportunities that can assist you in saving money. Keep this in mind before going to a car dealership that does not cater to the military. Lejeune Honda will go above and beyond to help you get in the car you desire. Whether it is a 2017 Honda Civic or a 2010 used Honda Accord, there are options available for military members in Jacksonville, NC.